Sewing and fashion design to order.
Development of prints and printing on textiles

Gooddudes.Co. - Those guys, since 2013, successfully engaged in the production of clothing and printing on textiles for the corporate segment.

To date, our clients are: advertising agencies, fitness clubs, mobile operators, IT companies, airlines, as well as small businesses.

We develop visual solutions of any complexity (from prints to a T-shirt, to a collection of clothes and its packaging) and produce products for both the B2B segment and the B2C. Over the years of cooperation with our partners, we have more than 200 different kinds of ready-made textile solutions for every budget and goal.


Development and design

Preparation of corporate identity in clothes, creation of products at the request of the customer, creation of prints and graphic elements of clothing. Adapting the corporate identity in clothing and packaging.

Develop collections of clothes and visual solutions for your audience.

Adaptation of modern colors and trends

Printing and embroidery on clothes

Printing on finished products in silk screen, digital methods. Printing fabrics and performing large-format printing tasks.

Embroidery on finished products, 3D embroidery, manufacturing of chevrons and stripes.

Custom tailoring services

Sewing T-shirts, polo shirts, longsleeves, sweatshirts, sweat shirts, raglan, t-shirts, knitted sports pants, shorts, shirts, headdresses, dresses, children's clothes

Development of patterns and individual solutions

Development of products "on a turn-key basis" in key fittings, labels, make-ups, etc.

Promo products and ready solutions

Ready-made solutions for promo campaigns and advertising campaigns

Clothing for staff, special clothing and corporate identity for the corporate segment

 Are there urgent questions? 

How much do you work with in the party?

What is the price of the product?

What if I do not know what I definitely need?

How long does the production take?

What is included in the price?

Can I make a layout myself?

Sent Request

Working with us - you will feel the difference!

You will always be heard

After all, our main task is to understand what you need

Individual approach

We do only what we would wear ourselves. We control the quality of the product at each stage.

Experienced managers

We act unconventionally and therefore we have a lot of experience

Quality assurance

The main thing is always not only the "weather in the house", but also the quality. Therefore, you can be sure that high quality at a reasonable price is our credo

Optimal solution

For your goals and budgets, we will choose the most optimal solutions without unnecessary overpayment and loss of time

Working Hard

The total number of hours of sleep for the team during the batch production period does not reach 50 hours, and the number of tea bags goes up by 1,300 

Examples of products


Step 1. Breif

We meet or get a brief, we draw up a detailed list of tasks.

on the same day

Step 2. Sample

Let's get down to work, look for the optimal solution and make a sample

7-10 days

Step 3. Agreement

We finish the begun, we sign the contract

1-2 days

Step 4. Production

Crocheting, drawing, sewing, printing and looking for everything that is necessary for your purposes. You are just watching the process.

5-20 days

Step 5. Quality control

Batch Inspection Check

1 day

Step 6. Delivery

We also do this for you

the next day


Can you give guarantees?

Yes, we honor the law. In the case of a production false or poor-quality molding, we will do everything or we will make a moneyback.

If I do not understand what I need, what then?

Then you turned to us. You can simply describe in general terms what you are interested in, for what purposes and what you plan to do - the rest we will do.

Why such a strange name?

Well, our main value is simplicity. Therefore, we are striving to make it easy and convenient for you to work with us. Therefore, the "guys" are the best treatment for us.

Сontact us

You can write to us directly. We will not force you to wait and will respond immediately after receiving your message.

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